Monday, September 25, 2017

5 Minutes With Martha Hunt Before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Martha Hunt has walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year since 2013, and this seasoned vet knows a thing or two abo

How to Create an Evening Smoky Eye

Steps for Creating a Dramatic and Sultry Nighttime Smoky Eye Want to wear truly smoldering and dramatic eye makeup for the evening?  Here are steps to create an amazing nighttime smoky eye.

3 Ways To Get Your Daily Dose of SPF

Why Use SPF? One of the most common myths about sun and the damage it causes is that if you can't see it or feel it, there must not be anything to worry about, right? Wrong. When it comes t

7 Tips To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

The Secret to Long Lasting Makeup Of all the things we stress about on a daily basis, makeup shouldn't be one of them. Knowing how to apply makeup and what to use is essential to any beauty

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How Android Wear Works?

Picture a device that serves up timely, localized info from your smartphone's apps and Web searches based on what it predicts you want to know. Look, here's a traffic report as you...


5 Dairy-Free Cheese Worth Trying

With everyone from Jay-Z to Jennifer Lopez touting the benefits of a dairy-free diet, it’s little wonder that our curiosity about eliminating dairy has piqued. Some are claiming it...

Shopping Tips

How to Shop for Skirts

Some women's wardrobes are based almost entirely on skirts, and others maintain 100% skirt-free closets. Which makes total sense because when it comes to skirts, most of us either ...