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5 Minutes With Martha Hunt Before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Martha Hunt has walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year since 2013, and this seasoned vet knows a thing or two about getting prepared for the show. We caught up with Hunt on everything from her favorite workouts and her best body-image tips to dealing with haters on Instagram. Here’s how one angel is getting ready for the show.

On her exercise routine leading up to the Victoria’s Secret show

“My workouts vary between strength-training with resistance bands and lots of weights, and also a bit of cardio. It’s a few weeks before you start seeing results; there are no quick fixes. Working out is a lifestyle. It’s a dedication that you have to give to yourself. Year-round being a Victoria’s Secret model, we stay in shape for all the lingerie shoots, but I will say we amp it up about three weeks ahead of the show. We’re all just a little bit more aware. I’m eating less sugar and more protein to keep up with all the workouts.” 

On the models she looks up to

“It’s hard to name one person because I see beauty in so many different types of bodies. I don’t think there’s one representation of what’s beautiful to me. … Gisele always looks amazing. It’s hard not to admire her for her career and her body, and also just being a businesswoman, so she’s an inspiration of mine.”


On getting over the hardest part of working out

“I think the hardest part is probably the first 10 minutes or just getting ready to leave out the door. Luckily, Victoria Sport has such good workout clothes that once you put them on, you immediately want to work out, so that helps. Also, after you get over the initial hump of starting to work out, you start to feel so much better. The endorphins kick in and you get a whole new burst of energy. … It’s hard to choose, but I’ll say [my favorite workout buddy is] Elsa [Hosk]. She’s one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels and we’re really good at pushing each other during our workouts, and then we can goof off and dance around.”

On calming her nerves before the show

“I do Transcendental Meditation. I don’t do it as much as I should, but that’s honestly such a brain saver to do twice a day leading up to a show because it just sort of centers you and helps you block out all the noise. Also there’s a good Lumosity app that you can do brain games on and helps with your memory and stuff like that. It’s just a good distraction.”


 On feeling good in a bikini year-round

“I feel pretty lucky about it because I’m always motivated to get to the gym. And to be honest, being a part of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, I’ve always seen them as symbols of confidence and strength so it feels really empowering to be a part of that. We pretty much work out year round, so hopefully when a bikini shoot is coming up, I’ve been working out throughout the week and doing the best I can.”

On dealing with Instagram haters

“Every negative thing you can imagine, I think I’ve heard it. I try not to look at it. At one point, I went and blocked all these negative pages that were saying all these things about me, and it kind of helped because they stopped popping up on my search page. “

On boosting confidence

“To pick yourself up when you’re not feeling your most confident, I would say that’s another motivating part to get to the gym, but also there’s always tricks you can do with beauty that will help enhance your features, whether it’s a good bronzer or a good moisturizer. There [are] ways that you can enhance other features of yourself that will make you feel more confident. … I definitely try to fit in a workout just for self-confidence purposes and also getting a spray tan or something will help you feel more confident with your body. Also, I think if you have time to go get a facial, that’s always great; it makes your skin glow. But there are now really good sheet masks that you can do at home for 20 minutes, and then you’ll instantly have more of a glow.”

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