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How to Make Stubborn Hair Hold a Curl

Over and over again in the salon I hear clients complain about how their hair will never hold a curl. They love the look, but don’t want to waste the time curling their whole head, only to have it fall out in 15 minutes.

My clients have always came back raving about these few extra steps that you can take below to extend the life of your voluminous waves.

1.  Rethink Your Conditioner

Some conditioners can be too moisturizing if you’re looking to finish the hair with a curling iron. The weight and extra moisture will cause curls to fall out easily, or not even take a curl at all.

Try switching to a lighter conditioner when you want to bust out the curling iron, or skip conditioner all together and opt for a leave-in.

2.  Prep With Product

When the hair is still damp, apply a mousse or gel from the mid-shaft to the ends of hair. These products will help to hold curl once the hair is dry because they remove moisture which creates a great base for curling.


3.  Spray Away

One of the best tricks for holding curl in the hair is to apply hair spray before you curl it.

Dry hair 100% (even hair that is slightly damp will not hold a curl). Once the hair is completely dry, spray each section with hair spray before curling.

4.  Sectioning

Speaking of sections, this is also a very important tip when it comes to curling hair. If your sections are too large, the heat won’t fully penetrate all of the hair, leaving a curl that looks good for a few seconds, but promptly falls out a few after that. Taking one inch sections is a good rule to follow.


5.  Clip for Staying Power

For a truly professional finish, you can clip each section of hair as you go. Once you’ve curled a section, keep the curling iron close to the head before you slide it out, leaving the wound curl in place. Secure the curl with a double-prong clip, and let cool while you curl the rest of the hair, clipping and setting as you go.

Once you’ve set the whole head, let it cool for at least 15 minutes (you can leave it longer for even more staying power) and then mist the whole head with hairspray before removing the clips.

Flip the head over (or tilt it back) shake out the curls, apply more hair spray, and voila! Allowing the hair to cool fully after curling will set the hair and make it last for hours.

6.  Don’t Touch

One of the biggest mistakes I see clients make is running their hands through their hair after you’ve just finished styling it. I get it, freshly washed, blown out and curled hair can be irresistible to touch, but the more you run your hands through it, the more likely you are to pull out the curl or weigh it down with oils.

7.  Get Through the Night

A question I get asked a lot in the salon is how to keep curl in the hair overnight. The best way to wear your hair when you sleep if you’re trying to maintain your curl, is to wear it in a top-knot, secured with hair pins.

Wearing the bun high on your head will keep the hair from getting greasy, and you’ll have tons of volume from having those roots elevated all night.

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