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Omega hippocampal series Marine universe “of deep black” wrist watch!!

    In the depths of the ocean, blue earth OMEGA (OMEGA) can always get inspiration and opportunity.Back once upon a time, the great explorer William than he (William where 3), such as Jacques corsteau (Jacques Cousteau) and Jacques horses of judah (Jacques Mayol) have worn omega wrist watch diving.After after decades of Marine exploration, omega was inspired from the Marine adventure saga, adhering to the Marine exploration pioneer pioneer spirit of pioneering spirit, to create series of hippocampus in 2005 Marine watch of wrist of the universe.


    However, omega hippocampal series Marine universe watch contains deep connotation is far more than that.For a long time, no matter on land or sea, hippocampal series Marine omega watches the universe both practical function and fashion style.Now that omega the popular classic series glory upgrades, new omega hippocampal series Marine universe “deep black” wrist watch.
    Since 2013 omega super series “on the dark side of the wrist surface, omega has been committed to the ceramic profession technical excellence, nowadays, omega cornu ammonis series Marine universe again in the” black “of deep-sea wrist realized the breakthrough on the tabulation process.


    New present four hour meter dial is 45.5 mm, combine GMT and diving, send out special glamour.How to build a diving watches, all made of ceramic and ensure it can withstand the pressure of 600 metres / 600 feet deep, the pressure is equivalent to 60 atmospheric pressure, are important technical problem of the wrist watch in the manufacturing process.In the end, the omega successfully achieved this goal, create the condensed tabulation technology excellence, on behalf of the industry leading level meter acura.
    In order to achieve the accuracy and the high level of performance and the magnetic and omega hippocampal series Marine universe “black” of deep-sea watches are passed by the Swiss federal institute (METAS) measurement of eight strict testing, to reaches the observatory and Switzerland observatory dual certification.


    Omega hippocampal series Marine universe “of deep black” watch of wrist of unique design
    – each “deep black” wrist watch case are composed of the whole piece of ceramics, the hippocampal series Marine omega wrist watch in the universe is.The same material was used to manufacture wrist of unidirectional rotating bezel and marked a new Arab digital time dial.
    – by 18 k Sedna ™ gold black watch, after polishing processing of ceramic watch case and dial send out an attractive luster.While blue and red watch through grind arenaceous processing, wrist watch with matte effect, underwater have better visibility.


    – on the watch dial is equipped with a new circle of GMT sheets, ceramic bezel on the diving scale with Liquidmetal or Ceragold ™ technology.
    – the black watch, Liquidmetal is also used to build the “He” label on the exhaust valve of the helium and “OMEGA” logo on the crown, and in the blue and red watch, the two logo is through the rubber color.
    – omega use rubber and ceramic material match each other for the first time, creating a unique table.Blue and red wrist watch this innovative technology was applied to 15 minutes before the scale, for divers adventure to bring more convenient.


    – “black” of deep-sea wrist watch omega carrying 8906 coaxial to reaches observatory movement.Watch of wrist of each style can resist 15000 gauss magnetic field, and were passed by the Swiss federal metrology institutes (METAS) set up eight strict test.This wrist watch is also certified by traditional Swiss observatory (COSC), achieves excellence on the precision and performance.Omega for this kind of watch to provide after-sales service guarantee for four years.





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